musictweaker's Journal

don't want to be a boy today
hello. i am 23 years old and living in hell. hmmm a little about myself: i am a child at heart, taken, queer, feminist, agnostic, anti-racist, for workers rights, for animal rights, and enviromentalist, against war, against violence, into creating a better and more perfect union, nonviolent, sustainable, for all the world. i also want to go back to school. i am learning to create solutions to major social problems, and finding the meaning of life while i am at it. i also love my friends with all my heart, i am not close with my family. i love to write poems and i love having long convosations, i love starbucks drinks. and i love going to the extreme. =)

i don't run with the crowd; i go my own way. "you're born an original. don't die a copy." i love solitude, but that doesn't mean i isolate myself and shut myself off from everybody else. i'm not exactly anti-social; i don't like to be alone. i'm not the friendliest person in the world, but i'm really not as cool as people say i am. i'm misunderstood. after all, i'm just me. oh, and welcome to my world.

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