don't want to be a boy today (musictweaker) wrote,
don't want to be a boy today


so i have fallen in love with a tattoo artist by the name of yann black. i want some of his art work on my body. i love it. it is so simple and yet so complex. he allows people to just use their body to do whatever he wants. it always comes out amazing. why does he have to be french. i heard of him about a year ago and have just fallen in love with it. if i ever go anywhere near him or if he ever comes to usa i would LOVE to go see him.

on other news i have used so many night and weekend minutes. i have used over 800 minutes. the sad thing is that i don't remembering using that many minutes. i just don't. this past 20 days or so have been a nightmare.

i was told that how ever long you are with someone it takes half the time to get over that person. (ie: if you are with someone for a year, it will take 6 months to get over that person). but the question i have is, what if you know someone for years before you get together. get together for sometime. and then figure out that it doesn't work and break up. how long then will it take to get over that person? i would like to know.

i think it is a very good possibility that i will indeed be alone for the rest of my life. i think i will be ok with that. i always get fucked over in the end. i just don't know...

anyway... i should go and find a bandaid and go to bed. i have to get up early...
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