don't want to be a boy today (musictweaker) wrote,
don't want to be a boy today

i hate this keyboard.

well the love of my life replied to a post that my exgirlfriendposted. she has been pissed at her since i moved in with her. since she won't stop talking about me in her posts. or talks to people that i know and hang out with.

my partner is very intelegent. my god is she. she fights for the right cause and at least knows what laws are. at least has common sence about whats right and would not be a fucking republican and voting for bush, who is against everything i stand for. i fucking hate people who think tey are all powerful for no reason. who has never stood for anything and wouldn't even know how to stand for something. who has had everything handed to them on a fucking silver plater. i don't know how i could of dated someone with these trates. it must of been pitty. thank god i didn't fuck her. i don't think i could. i couldn't even stand hanging out with her let alone kiss her. i felt so bad for her. so many times she called and i didn't pick up. or she would come over and i would pretend to fall asleep because i just wanted her to leave me alone. or someone who would show up to a gsa event afraid of gay people and yet dating a girl. i don't get it. what a dumb fuck. doesn't someone get the hint after awhile. no one liked her. no one out of my family. lu'cas... liv... heather... kris... kayelyn. no one. ome was even like what the fuck were you thinking. god i am glad i am out of merced. damn. no more bullshit. thank god. now i can be happy. how dare some one who is so ignorant about the world around them. who doesn't even know gay people let alone be an activist for it. god, and someone has the testicular fortitude to say someone else is ignorant. fuck that. i guess ignorance must be a bliss... why don't you ask yourself. you sit in your fucking bubble and cry when things get a little hard for you. hard meaning... your not teachers pet. my god. fucking ignorance. you think your smart because you think you can use big words. my god. dumb ass. you really are. you have no idea whats going on around you. your world consists of a small town where people are ignorant as is. my god i am thankful for everything that i have and have been in.. i am so thankful for living in a diverse town. we may have gang fights and what not but at least you know we are diverse. thank god for that.
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