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so kayelyn and i are doing really well... we just had our one month the other day and i am doing really well here. we are spending the night at kris's place tonight. movie night! SCORE! i went and picked her up from school today. that was fun.

i found out some stuff the other day... i was really disappointed. ::shrugs:: i don't care anymore.

if i had my choice i would beat the shit out of two people. lol...

anyway. gsa. well... i hope things go well... its only about 3 people that really care about expression not surpression. me being one of the main ones. it feels really alone with that. i have been struggling with something else with the gsa. ::shrugs:: i feel so.. odd.

well one of my ex's seems to not be able to get over me. she is stalking me. lol. i wish she would leave me and my family alone. get a life. ::shrugs:: i guess she really doesn't have anything better to do. fuck it. my girlfriend wants to hella fuck her up because she keeps bugging me.

some dumbass keeps bugging kris. she told the bitch off and her only reply was "yup." i laughed so hard when she told me.

i think whats funny is that i moved down here and things were good and then they got better and then worse and now its the best it could be in this situation.

alan, mom, and i went to the school that alan will be changing to... he and i had a talk and i feel i mostly understand that boy. i love him dearly.. even after he walked in on kayelyn and i in a... um... a um... very nice.. um.. yeah.. he just stood there. lol it still makes me laugh to this day. he also came out when i was talking to mom at the kitchen table with some toys that he found in our bedroom. since i moved in i haven't slept alone. i love it. i can't sleep alone anymore. she woke up out of a dead sleep because i left the room for a few minutes today. she got scared because she woke up and i wasn't there.. it was so cute. i just held her and we went and laid back down. i love her.


i love ani... she makes me feel good.

forgive my spelling i have been drinking... he he he
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