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shit shit and more shit.

i feel like i got hit in the back with a baseball bat. it hurts so bad... mostly my left side. i don't think it was from sleeping... i think it was from the kids last night. i didn't sleep so well last night. after i went back to sleep i kept waking up... ::sigh:: i woke up to music blasting... it wasn't good music either. so kris and i watched about 25 kids yesterday with no much other help. i don't know if it was the kids that fucked up my back or if it was the bounce house. o well... i am doing... a ok today. i think i am jsut going to sit here and chill... i am going to be driving about 6-7 hours tomorrow and then time in between... so yeah... i am going to just rest. i don't know if i told you guess yet but i cut my hair... he he he! well i didn't, kris did. it looks alright. i am struggling with not taking pills to sleep... if i don't take anything i don't sleep much if at all and if i do sleep i dream... if i do take something then i sleep and i don't dream (well i don't remember dreaming). kris and i are watcing cat in the hat... i have never seen it.. i saw uncle tim last night. he came over. i fell asleep before he left just like i did last time... i am looking forward to going tomorrow.. it will be nice to get out of town... ooooo i saw jenn the other day! i was so happy! i am going to call her soon. i hadn't seen her in about 2 years. i gaged my ear to a 14. it didn't hurt. so now both my ears are 14g. so yeah... i need to sleep today. i know i am not going to sleep tonight. their was a little girl there last night that i fell in love with. i want to take her home and keep her. she kept coming over to me everytime i went somewhere new. i had a baby in my left arm about 90% of the time last night and trying to deal with every other kid with my right arm. i think i will settle with 2 kids. i want one for sure and then maybe 2=. i don't know how i would divide the love and time with 2 kids. i guess i still need to think about 2 kids. i got an email from julie yesterday. it was so nice to hear from her. i paniced when i saw it in my inbox. i need to call pam today. i miss music. i have been working on gsa less and less recently. i haven't done much in about 2 days. i am going to take it with me to sac. tomorrow. maybe i can get something done. kayelyn and i got in a fight the other day. i didn't want to deal with her childish bullshit and guilt trips so i gave the phone back to kris and she got all pissed off and hung up on kris. later on krs was outside on the pourch and i went out there to go sit with him and kk heard my voice and she started saying "bitch bitch bitch" over and over again and then hung up on kris. i wish that she would just grow up and stop with the guilt trips. i am over her. i do not want to get back with her. i am not going to do that again. i am just tired of drama. i can't handle it. adult relationships are very good. anyway... talk more later.
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