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follow through ater the rain

hello all...
things have been really interesting in my life recently. well not recently... or the past 21 years of my life... kayelyn and i had broken up awhile back and i am now out in visalia and loving it... things are going well... i feel that i have grown so much the past month or so and that i have made many new friends and am working on getting some old ones back. i have spoken with diana and frankie and a few others... i guess this is a post to let everyone know that i am still alive and kicking... i have taken a lot of personal time to find myself again and what i want... i missed out on a lot of what life and people have to offer me... i am now finding that. i am so thankful for everyone who is in my life and is helping me do this again... i have found a lot the past few weeks and i have figured a lot out... i am starting to love life and remember all the things that i had missed...

i have gotten your messages that you would like to meet up... i am sorry that i have yet to get back to you on anything and everything... i have been doing a lot of soul searching, i know you understand this because you to have been here.. i have beening trying to figure out what i am going to say to you or even how i feel about everything... i have your number... i will be calling you when i am fully here.. please understand... it is nothing against you... i just have such a long history of us to sort into my mind. i still have a lot to understand and accept... for the irst time in my life i feel so free and clear to think and not be clouded... i really hope you understand... please write me back... i love you... p.s.- my email... you also might try my gsa email...
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