don't want to be a boy today (musictweaker) wrote,
don't want to be a boy today

well yes.
gsa is going well. we have a meeting on monday, late. and tue. anyway. ens is coming up. dear lord i feel like i am running around with my head cut off about it all. we have so much to do and i have learned a lot for my workshop. we only have a few workshops that need to be filled like "how to start and run a gsa" and the new one that we came up with "queer life after high school"... diana came up with that one.

kayelyn and i became members of the church that we have been going to since december. i am so happy about it. i love it there. things are going well in that area. ::sigh and smiles::

work went well... the people! awesome!

mom made meatloaf last night at like 10pm all because i bugged her all day about it. calling her on the phone while i was out and at home. i may of been half asleep while eating it, but holy shit it was good. it was gone by this morning.

kayelyn and i cleaned the room yesterday.. well it carried over to today. and its still not done. i was told to clean the closit out and i did. my part in done. she had the dresser to do. we did wash everything but one load. its nice to have a BIG choice in what you want to wear. going to the thing tomorrow. its an all day event. i am looking forward to monday. i get to see brandon all day!!! lol

so the ens team has been cut down to me, kayelyn, kris, brandon, frankie and diana.

liv sent me a few text messages saying that she didn't want to be part of the gsa again till there was one. or some bull shit like that. anyway. i am tired of her being so flaky. we saw her today. well we were behind her today. she just turned around and smerked at us and walked faster. it looked almost like she was running from us. i tried talking to her. she ignored me. o well. i don't give a shit about her anymore. if she wants to talk shit then do it to my fucking face not behind my back like a coward.

blah. i have to go get in the shower now. i am going to take a rae shower.

rae!!! i miss you!!!!! i love you so much!!!!!!
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